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Ohio's Direct 529 Plan “Top Ten” Investment Options

Ever wonder what investment options are the most popular among Direct Plan account owners? We compiled a “Top Ten” list so you can see what investment options hold the largest balances of customers’ Direct Plan accounts.

Here are the 10 investment options with the highest value of assets under management (fund balances in millions, as of 12/31/15):

  1. Vanguard Aggressive Age-Based Portfolio (ready-made age-based portfolio), $879
  2. Vanguard Moderate Age-Based Portfolio (ready-made age-based portfolio),  $570
  3. Advantage Age-Based Portfolio (ready-made age-based portfolio),  $455
  4. Vanguard 500 Index Option (individual investment option), $394
  5. Vanguard Aggressive Growth Index Portfolio (ready-made risk-based portfolio), $334
  6. Vanguard Growth Index Portfolio (ready-made risk-based portfolio), $218
  7. Vanguard Extended Market Index Option (individual investment option), $186
  8. Vanguard Wellington Option (individual investment option), $165
  9. Vanguard Moderate Growth Index Portfolio (ready-made risk-based portfolio), $155
  10. Fifth Third Savings Account (FDIC-insured bank option), $144

The total balance of all 24 investment options offered in the CollegeAdvantage Direct Plan as of 12/31/15 was $4.32 billion.

Learn more about our investment options and review their performance. After you do so, it might be time to review your college savings goals or open an account!

Please Note:

CollegeAdvantage is a 529 college savings plan offered and administered by the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority, an office within the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Before investing, please read the Offering Statement and all Supplements carefully and consider risks, fees, your investment objectives, and other relevant factors, before investing. If you are not a taxpayer in the State of Ohio, you should consider whether your home state offers any state tax or other benefits for investing in its 529 Plan.  Other than the Fifth Third Investment Options (Banking Options), money contributed to an Account is not a bank deposit and is not insured by the FDIC or guaranteed in any way. Except for contributions invested in Banking Options, participants assume all investment risk related to the CollegeAdvantage Direct Plan, including the potential loss of Principal. Contributions invested in Banking Options are an obligation of Fifth Third Bank and are insured by the FDIC, subject to certain limitations. 

The Ohio Tuition Trust Authority does not provide investment advice. The information contained herein is informational only and should not be relied upon exclusively to make your investment decisions.

Posted on February 1, 2016

Ohio Tuition Trust Authority

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