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A New Year, A New College Savings Story

We regularly receive and share College Savings Stories from CollegeAdvantage account owners. Here’s a story in the words of a father.

This is Ava. She’s 3 years old. Cute, huh? Sorry … I’m her dad … I’m biased :-)

As most parents will tell you, their children bring them tremendous happiness – far greater than words can describe. Their looks, their hugs, their kisses … the way they laugh … the way they talk … even the way they cry. Children fill our hearts with joy and keep those around them youthful.

wife and I are thankful for those gifts (ones that Ava gives us each and every day) and we try to return the favor the best way we know how: by being loving, responsible parents. Participating in the CollegeAdvantage program gives us that opportunity.

One Saturday morning, we were in the middle of our usual family routine: Ava eating breakfast, mommy getting a little extra snooze time (she deserves it), and daddy plugging away at the monthly budget on his laptop. As I was getting ready to make a deposit into Ava’s CollegeAdvantage account, I looked up to check on her. She flashed her cute little grin, showed me her spoon, and held the pose long enough for me to snap a photo. Then she asked, “Whatchya doin’, dad?”

I’m not sure 
what it was that made me stop and think before I answered her that morning, but I’m really glad I did. The natural, quick response would have been: I’m just depositing some money.

Instead, I said, 
“I’m giving you a gift, honey.” She smiled … and in random 3-year-old fashion, she yelled: “Go, Ava, Go!” I laughed.

It may sound simple … maybe even a little silly … but it was a special moment. A reminder that we’re doing more than simply depositing money. We’re giving our daughter a life-long gift. It’s a good feeling. Having a plan is a good feeling. CollegeAdvantage has enabled that.

Go, Ava, Go … indeed!

Patrick and Brooke Walters (Dublin, Ohio)

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This Saving Story first posted on Jan. 5, 2016.

Posted on January 10, 2017

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