0 COMMENTS | Ohio Tuition Trust Authority | March 24, 2014

Contributions by non-account owners

Many of our account owners have family and friends (non-account owners) who wish to contribute to their loved ones' CollegeAdvantage accounts. Here’s the simplest way to help your family and friends make contributions to your existing account to help you save even more for your child’s future.

Most banks offer an online bill pay service to their customers with their checking and savings accounts. Anyone can use their online bill pay service to "pay" a contribution to a CollegeAdvantage account. One-time and recurring payments can be made. Provide your family member or friend with the following information to ensure that contributions are processed successfully:

  1. Your CollegeAdvantage Direct Plan 11-digit account number
  2. The payee name: Ohio Tuition Trust Authority
  3. The mailing address where the payment will be sent (in case the address information doesn't automatically fill in on the bank’s bill pay system)

Ohio Tuition Trust Authority
P.O. Box 219305
Kansas City, MO 64121-9305

Once the contribution is received for your CollegeAdvantage account, it will be automatically allocated to your existing beneficiaries and investment options according to the "Contribution Allocations" instructions on file with your account. To verify or change your account allocation instructions, log in to your account and go to "Allocation Management, Contribution Allocations."


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