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Announcing the Winners of our $529 College Savings Award Giveaway

Here at CollegeAdvantage, we recently wrapped up our 529 Day Giveaway. May 29th is officially 529 Day (5/29) and though the 529 industry is excited to celebrate this day every year, most people aren't aware of 529 Day. So, we designed our celebration to draw lots of attention, offering $529 College Savings Awards to 20 lucky people! Since we received more than 25,000 entries, we think we were successful at getting people to take notice of the importance of saving for college! Our giveaway was open to account owners and non-account owners alike.

From more than 25,000 entries, 20 lucky people were randomly selected on June 10. Here's our list of winners:

1.  Herbert Bergancia, East Weymouth, MA
2.  Kara Bernhart, Richmond, OH
3.  Daryl Binsky, Bexley, OH
4.  Kenneth Bruns, Cleveland Heights, OH 
5.  August Eileman, Cincinnati, OH 
6.  Stacie Elkins, Maple Heights, OH 
7.  Susan Fargo, Naperville, IL 
8.  Jacob Hicks, Cincinnati, OH 
9.  Ron Kachmarik, North Royalton, OH
10. Suresh Lalwani, Phoenix, AZ 
11. Tod Liffick, Defiance, OH
12. Jennifer Metzer, Cleveland Heights, OH
13. James Moore, Miamisburg, OH
14. Maribel Morales, Parma, OH
15. Anthony Petrowsky, Galena, OH
16. Sambit Sahoo, Cleveland, OH
17. Kristopher Smith, Dublin, OH
18. Liza Walsh, Maineville, OH
19. Sherry White, Mansfield, OH
20. Gary Zurasky, Warren, OH


Winners who already own CollegeAdvantage accounts are using the awards to boost their ongoing savings. Those winners, who are not current account owners, are opening accounts and using their awards to get a jump start on their college savings!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Congratulations to all our winners!

If your name is listed here as a winner and you have not yet contacted CollegeAdvantage, please do so now so that you don’t risk forfeiting your award. Call 1-800-AFFORD-IT (233-6734). Please note that the list of winners is subject to change.