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There’s a reason Morningstar rated CollegeAdvantage one of the nation’s top 529 plans: because it works. When you manage your investment allocation yourself, you’re in control of your own future. The Direct Plan puts the power of tax-free earnings and time squarely in your hands.


The good, the better, and the best a CollegeAdvantage 529 plan has to offer.

  • 1 Earnings are tax-free, if used for college
  • 2 Contributions are deductible from Ohio taxable income
  • 3 You can open an account with just $25
  • 4 Use your savings at any college in the country
  • 5 Flexibility to manage your account online and make changes as needed
  • 6 Low fees - Some of the lowest nationally among 529 plans
  • 7 Electronic delivery options for statements, tax documents and more
  • 8 Link your Upromise® Rewards account
  • 9 Ugift® is available to family and friends for gift contributions


The CollegeAdvantage Direct Plan offers several ready-made, professionally managed options along with all of our individual options for college savers, just like you. Don’t wait. Get started today.


Ready-Made, Age-Based Options +

Ready-Made, Age-Based Options

The CollegeAdvantage age-based options are the simplest of all our Direct Plan investment options. We call them “ready-made” because the asset mix and allocation milestones are pre-determined. They are designed to take into account your child’s age and the number of years before he or she attends college. As your child grows, your portfolio shifts from growth to lower risk options. This is achieved by reallocating the asset mix each time the beneficiary reaches set age intervals, from a mix weighted toward equity (stocks) to a mix weighted toward fixed-income (bonds) and money market funds. Our age-based options are our most popular because they offer a long-term investment plan and an easy way to begin saving for college.

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Risk-Based Options +

Risk-Based Options

Risk-based options allow you to invest based on your risk tolerance. Whether you are conservative or seek aggressive growth, we offer several options along the continuum of risk, so you can choose the portfolio that best suits your risk tolerance and goals.

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Capital Preservation (cash) & Fixed-Income (bonds) Options +

Capital Preservation & Fixed-Income

Capital preservation (cash) options may appeal to risk-averse investors, parents with children near college age, or those with children currently enrolled in college.
Fixed-income (bonds) options may appeal to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and those seeking to reduce risk.

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Balanced Option (mix of stocks and bonds) +

Balanced Option

If you are interested in an investment that combines active management with a balanced exposure to both equities and bonds, you may want to consider the balanced investment option.

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U.S. Equity Options (stocks) +

U.S. Equity Options

CollegeAdvantage offers several U.S. equity options from various segments of the stock market, including the stocks of small, midsize, and large domestic companies, both growth and value, across all industries. Historically, stocks have provided the highest returns over time, but stock prices fluctuate, sometimes dramatically. Because of this, equity investments tend to have the highest level of risk of all asset classes.

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Non-U.S. Equity Options (stocks) +

Non-U.S. Equity Options

In addition to the U.S. equity options, we also offer international equity options for those seeking to invest in the stocks of international companies. Just as with all equity fund investments, they offer a higher level of risk along with the potential for higher returns over time.

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Bank Options +

Bank Options

A Fifth Third 529 savings account lets your money grow over time with the security of FDIC insurance and 529 tax advantages. 

The Fifth Third 529 CDs offer a wide variety of terms, allowing you to maximize your return and take advantage of longer-term market rates.

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"I've been on this plan for 2 years, it is awesome. So simplistic, but the benefits are great too. " -Timothy F.

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