First off, I would like to thank CollegeAdvantage immensely for helping my wife and I save for our children’s education. Without you, I am quite sure many young people might not have the opportunity to go to college and follow their dreams.

For me, it was a no brainer to start a plan with OTTA. It was like I hit the lottery when I learned about the benefits of starting a college fund for both of my kids with OTTA. It was a very simple endeavor for me because I had monies taken right out of my paycheck so I never missed the money.  All I knew is that the two accounts that I had, they were growing rapidly and I never felt like it was a burden saving for college. We look back on it now and think it was one of the best decisions we made for our children.

As a new parent, I knew the value and importance of a college education. My brother, sister, and myself were the first in either of my parents’ families to go to college. We all had successful careers as a parole officer, registered nurse, and for me, as an engineer.

For my son, Vincent, and my daughter, Amanda, they had one idea in mind and that was to attend The Ohio State University. Both went to undergrad and graduate school at OSU.

Vince received his doctorate degree from the Pharmacy School and is a pharmacist today. He works for a company called Remedy and he goes to nursing homes throughout northeast Ohio checking charts of elderly people and working with the head nurse to ensure these people are not taking meds that may be in conflict with one another.

As for my daughter, Amanda, she is graduated with her D.D.S. degree from the OSU Dental School. She works for Summa Health Care in Akron.

Organizations like yours benefit young people and they are our future. Thanks for the help.

Steven D. Severn

Lyndhurst, Ohio

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