Give Your Employees The Benefit ​Of Ohio’s 529 Plan

Now you can:

  • Make a difference for your employees and their family.
  • Show concern for the financial well-being of your company's employees.
  • Ensure your benefits are more competitive by adding ​Ohio's 529 college savings plan.
  • Offer payroll deduction* without burdening your HR/Payroll departments.

Expand your benefits package by adding Ohio's 529 Plan in the workplace

As an employer, you want to offer a competitive suite of benefits while keeping administrative costs at a minimum. One benefit that can accomplish both is a payroll direct deposit program with Ohio's 529 Plan, CollegeAdvantage. By offering CollegeAdvantage as a benefit, you give your employees the opportunity to ​have a better future for themselves, their children, or grandchildren. Someday, those children might even grow up to be employees in your company.

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For as little as $25 per pay period, your employees can save for their children's and grandchildren's future education. They can even save for their own re-training and career development. Best of all, you can offer the CollegeAdvantage Direct 529 Plan through payroll direct deposit at no cost.

Ohio's 529 ​Plan has no extra costs or administrative burden for employers

We know that corporate HR and Payroll departments have overflowing workloads. That's why we've made the CollegeAdvantage Direct 529 Savings Plan payroll deduction simple. An employee opens and manages their 529 plan through ​the CollegeAdvantage website. Once an account is established, the employee prints out and brings you the payroll direct deposit form to authorize the deduction in your payroll system. What could be easier?

We use the same ACH direct deposit system you are already using to deposit employee payroll to bank accounts, credit unions, and other depositories. CollegeAdvantage Direct 529 Plan payroll deductions ​are after-tax dollars.

* P​ayroll deduction is not mandatory but an added convenience for your employees.

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Our on-site marketing representative will:

• Help you before and after your payroll direct deposit plan is in place. Contact us for assistance.
• Be a point of contact for your employees' questions.
• ​Communicate the new 529 college savings plan benefit both to your HR/Payroll departments and employees.
• ​Lead employee workshops and attend benefits fairs. Request a marketing representative to attend your event.
• ​Provide educational materials for staff and employees.

Download these helpful reference materials:

• Employer's Guide 
• CollegeAdvantage 529 Brochure
• Payroll Direct Deposit Procedures ​For Employe​es 
• Employee Payroll Direct Deposit ​Form 
 Payroll Deduction Form
• Seminar ​Or ​Lunch-​And-​Learn ​Announcement ​Poster
• CollegeAdvantage 529 ​Poster 

Need additional help or are you short on time?

• Click here​ and let CollegeAdvantage ​assist you with gathering materials or ​​with the design of fitting Ohio's 529 Savings Plan into your workplace.
• Interested in information for your internal newsletters? Click here to check out CollegeAdvantage's ​informational blogs. You are welcome to link to them or copy and paste them​ into your publication.  
• Ready to book us at your benefit fair or schedule a lunch-and-learn? Click here to ​​set up a date and time.

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