How Is Your 529 Plan Performing?

Setting up your CollegeAdvantage 529 account was an important step in the journey to college. Depending on ​the investment options you selected, it's a good idea to check your plan's performance and ​make sure it's on track to meet your college savings goals.

Set ​& ​Track Your Savings Goals

Tools like our College Savings Planner let you see how your savings are adding up based on your current balance and contribution strategy.

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Check ​Your ​Investment Performance

See how your investment choices compare to others. View saving options in the same category or take a look at a completely different strategy.

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Take A Look At Price History

Track how your college saving investments have changed over time by comparing individual portfolios or options and their price history.

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Some ​Performance Tips ​To ​Consider

  • Make sure you understand the investment options you've selected Your CollegeAdvantage 529 gives you access to time-tested, low-cost investment options that can perform differently as market conditions change. Make sure you select options that are right for your own desired level of risk and diversification.
  • Don't forget the Ohio tax deduction Make sure you maximize your deposit to get at least the full deduction of up to $​4,000 in contributions per beneficiary per year (for Ohio taxpayers only). Contributions over $4,000 can be carried forward to future tax years until fully deducted.
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