I was one of the earliest advocates for the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority, working with my state senator at the time, Paul Pfeiffer.

Sen. Pfeiffer understood the value of a college education as I did. We believed it would be a significant benefit to be able to establish a tax-deferred savings account for our families. I immediately set an account up upon the passage of the legislation and over the years, built up a substantial savings fund.

As we watched college costs increase, contributions to the program gained in value. At the time the program was started, my son was very young, just starting primary school. By the time he graduated high school, we have invested enough money to send him to any state school and to pay for the first two years.

He did enroll in Owens Technical College and Marion Technical College and finally, he graduated from Sinclair Community College. Then he went on to earn another degree from Wright State University. He now is gainfully employed with the State of Ohio Department of Public Safety as a program engineer.

Having the ability to make contributions to the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority over the years gave my family the peace of mind that we could make the dream of a college education affordable. It is one of the best programs that the State of Ohio has ever established.

I would share my story with everyone and urge them to set up an account today for their children or grandchildren.

Steve Chaffin

Marion, Ohio 

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