Sometime in early 1990, I attended an Ohio Tuition Trust Authority seminar in Lakewood, Ohio. We decided that an early savings plan would be the only way that we could afford to send three children to college, virtually at the same time. For the next dozen years, we took no vacations etc., and put any extra money that we had into the CollegeAdvantage plan. Additionally, our children started with paper routes and worked through high school, and that extra money also went toward college. It was genuinely a team effort.

Both of our daughters graduated from The Ohio State University. One has a degree in Occupational Therapy and is currently an operations manager with a contract rehab service company in Toledo. Our other daughter graduated with a degree in Psychology and then a Psychology Doctorate. She is part of the psychology staff at the VA Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Our son went another direction, but is very successful in his own right.

We have two suggestions for families: save early and do your best to get your children out with as little debt as possible and with a meaningful degree that leads to good career opportunities.

We’re pleased to have this opportunity to tell our story and to help others.

Robert and Cynthia Forest

Estero, FL 

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