When the CollegeAdvantage program first started, I knew that contributing to this program was something that I just had to make a priority. My parents helped me with funding for my college education, and I knew it was something that I wanted to do for my children as well. To have my children come out of school debt-free of any student loans was a goal I set for myself. I started by investing $25 per week to each of their accounts through payroll deductions . . . it made it so simple to save. And as time went on, I continued to increase the weekly contributions to their accounts. I even became a volunteer Ambassador for the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority, and I spent time helping other parents understand the importance of the program. 

As our girls went through college, using the program was so simple and the tax benefits it provided to us were also a great benefit! By utilizing the program, both of our girls graduated on time and they came out of school 100% debt-free. 

Our oldest daughter attended The University of Akron, and she was a member of the Honors College. She received an academic scholarship, so the money we had invested in CollegeAdvantage was able to be applied to cover a portion of her tuition, along with the cost of her books, fees and housing costs while living on campus. She also had the opportunity to study abroad while she attended U of A. Today, she is working as the Director of Human Resources at 1 EDI Source. She also went on to complete her Master’s Degree at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve. She missed her graduation ceremony at Case as she gave birth to her first son. We gave her a special surprise graduation ceremony at Summa Hospital in Akron instead! 

Our youngest daughter attended The Ohio State University and received her degree in Human Resources from the OSU's Fisher Business School. She is working as a recruiter and lives in Columbus. 

Our oldest daughter and her husband are now saving for our grandson’s college education. They established a 529 account with CollegeAdvantage shortly after his birth. For every holiday or birthday, they suggest gift contributions to his college fund . . . and all of the grandparents make this a priority.

Thanks CollegeAdvantage for helping our family to achieve our educational goals! 

Jami Dunphy

Mogadore, Ohio   

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