It has been a pleasure to have participated in the CollegeAdvantage program for over 25 years. I have two children and started saving in the program when my oldest son was born and then set up an account for my daughter when she was born.

My son went to the University of Toledo for one year and decided to open his own business (a gym). Since then, he has grown it in to an 8,000 square foot facility called Renegade Fitness in Sylvania, Ohio and is doing extremely well running the business with his wife.

The nice thing about the CollegeAdvantage program is that I was able to rollover the funds in his account in to my daughter’s account for her future education. My daughter went to the University of Toledo for her freshman year and is now in her sophomore year at Middle Tennessee State University pursuing a music business degree. Another great aspect of participating in CollegeAdvantage is that these funds can go toward out-of-state tuition, which has helped out a lot since the out-of-state tuition is much higher than in-state.

When my son and daughter in-law have children of their own, I will help them start a CollegeAdvantage savings account for my grandkids to help them plan for the future. I really appreciate that this plan was available for us. It has allowed me to have peace of mind knowing that I had funds to draw upon when my children were ready to go off to college. It has been much appreciated!

Bradley E. Rhoades

Canton, Michigan

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