In 2015, CollegeAdvantage celebrated its 25th anniversary. In honor of this milestone, many longtime account owners shared their Saving Stories and how using CollegeAdvantage helped them achieve their goals. We are fortunate to have these encouraging stories of how families prioritized their children’s higher education and are sharing them again. 

When the CollegeAdvantage program first started, we began saving to help defray the future costs of college for our daughters. We were investing a little at a time toward our goal.

When a dear friend of ours passed away, she kindly had named us in her will and estate planning. She was always very fond of our children, and our girls were fond of her, too. She was like a grandmother to them. She was aware of our plans to provide our children with a ways and means of furthering their education after high school. So, we thought it would be a great way to honor her legacy by using the money toward the girls’ educations by saving it in their CollegeAdvantage accounts. I know she would be very happy and proud that they both benefited in this way from her thoughtfulness.

Our oldest daughter now has a Master’s degree in special education and is presently teaching. Our youngest has an Associate's degree in business and accounting, and is currently working in a distribution center (hoping for a better job in future).

Randall and Debra Carr

Somerset, Ohio

This S​aving Story originally was published April 19, 2015.
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