Here’s a great testimonial from one of our CollegeAdvantage families​.

Both my husband and I went to college and there was no question that all four of our daughters would go as well. 

When we signed up for the college savings plan twenty-five years ago, the twins were thirteen and the others were ten and seven. My husband was the natural born saver, but their grandparents also made gift contributions to their accounts over the years. 

Because of these accounts and scholarships they each received, they all went to college and are all very successful. 

One of the twins earned a degree in Psychology from Ohio State, her father's Alma Mater. She also earned her Ph.D. from Miami University of Ohio and is now a clinical psychologist in Dayton. She and her husband now have a CollegeAdvantage account for their daughter.

The other twin went to Allegheny College in Meadville, PA and graduated with a degree in Biology. She received a MD from the Cincinnati College of Medicine and works as a physician in Cincinnati. She and her husband have two children with CollegeAdvantage accounts.

Our next oldest attended Muskingum College and became an early childhood teacher, following in her mother's, grandmother's and great-grandmother's footsteps – a 1933 Muskingum grad. She also has a M.Ed. from the University of Las Vegas. She taught in Las Vegas for nine years, and is now a tutor in Massillon, Ohio and is hoping to get a full-time classroom next fall.

Our youngest daughter chose Ohio University to major in Art and has a B.F.A. She worked at The Guggenheim Museum, then Christie's Auction House and is now the Operations Director of Auctionata in Manhattan.

All four of our girls used CollegeAdvantage accounts for their education and none of them had any student loans when they began their careers. My recently-deceased husband and I are extremely proud of our children, and we would absolutely recommend enrolling future college students in this program.

Bonnie Glick

Massillon, Ohio

This Saving Story was first posted on April 20, 2015.
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