In honor of ​CollegeAdvantage's 25th anniversary milestone, many longtime account owners shared their Saving Stories and how using CollegeAdvantage helped them achieve their goals. We are fortunate to have these encouraging stories of how families prioritized their children’s higher education and are sharing them again. Here’s a great testimonial from one of our CollegeAdvantage families​. 

We feel old in light of the 25th anniversary of CollegeAdvantage, but then we are grandparents now! Our family has doubled since we opened that first college savings account. Now we have our two grown daughters plus a son-in-law and a grandson!

Although it might have been easier to procrastinate about saving for college when the girls were young, we were disciplined and agreed about education being a priority. Our advice to young parents:  pay yourself first by starting a college savings account for your children. They will be your best legacy!

We both worked and contributed to our own college, but hoped to make it easier on the girls by having saved at least half of what they would need. In addition to what we saved for them, both of our daughters worked and contributed to their educational expenses as well.

Our eldest, earned her undergraduate in Elementary Education from Wright State University and her Masters at the University of Dayton. She’s been teaching 2nd grade for 7 years!  Our youngest, went to Eastern Kentucky University and earned her BSN in Nursing. Now she’s not only working full-time as an oncology nurse at the University of Kentucky’s Children’s Hospital, but also completing her Nurse Practitioner graduate degree through Northern Kentucky University. She graduates this summer!

Obviously, we’re very proud of both daughters!

Our grandson just celebrated his 1st birthday. The Dr. Seuss party theme was fitting since his Daddy and Mommy started a CollegeAdvantage fund for him just weeks after he was born. So he’ll be . . .

“. . . off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting . . .” 
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!


Marcus and Lora Warwar

Miamisburg, Ohio 

This story was originally published on April 24, 2015.
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