Ohio’s 529 Plan, CollegeAdvantage, introduced a new feature to our website – the ability to share your saving journey! As a 529 account owner, you have a powerful story to tell. A story that can inspire another family to start saving for their children’s future higher education expenses.

As you know, it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin with a college savings account.  First steps can include reviewing your budget, figuring out how much to set aside, then researching which 529 program offers the best tax advantages and investment options for your family. It can be a lot of information through which to sort. Seeing and hearing how other families navigated this process can be a great source of inspiration. Are you willing to share your family prioritized your children’s higher education?

Besides, who’s best person to tell others about Ohio’s 529 Plan? You are - the families already saving in a 529 account! People want to see why and how parents like them start to save.

A testimonial video is simple to do (and it won’t take much of your time). Here’s some ideas on what to talk about.

First, think about the reasons why you started your 529 college account and how you did it. Then hit the record the button. Please only share your first name. Then, tell how old your kids are and how long you’ve been saving in Ohio’s 529 Plan.

You can describe some basics about your 529 account, what your saving goals are, and how much you’d like to contribute to reach those goals. You can share how it felt once you started to save for your child’s future higher education.

Do you have any words of wisdom on saving you’d like to share, or is there anything you’d like other parents to know about Ohio’s 529 Plan? Then tell them. This is the advice they want to hear. By the way, video must be 90 seconds long, which will be surprisingly easy to reach.

If you’d like to share your saving story but are camera shy, you can also provide a written testimonial. Just select that option on the landing page. You are welcome to write as much as you’d like to describe your college savings journey.

As a thank you from Ohio’s 529 Plan for sharing your saving story, you could win $529 to add to your 529 account! At the completion of your testimonial, you will be entered into the college savings award giveaway. If you’d like to review the rules, please visit here.

We appreciate your willingness to share how your family saved for college. These encouraging stories can inspire others to start their own college savings story.

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