Changes Coming to Ohio’s 529 Plan Website

Ohio’s 529 Plan, CollegeAdvantage, wants to provide everyone the best experience when visiting our website, whether to learn more about 529 plans and saving for higher education, reviewing investment options, opening a college savings account, or taking care of account maintenance and reviewing your savings.

Based on research and data received with current account owners and potential savers, we will be implementing new changes to enhance everyone’s experience at on Monday, April 20.

Some of the changes you will find are:

  1. Simplified “See all investment option” pages for both “New To CollegeAdvantage” and “Current Account Holder” sections. The page has been updated with a more intuitive and simpler layout to assist in reviewing available investment options and their descriptions. 
  2. New “Open an Account” page. Like a one-stop shop, this new page includes links to the information you will need to open an Ohio 529 account and a video to show how one local family has used a variety of savings ideas to grow their 529 plan. At the top of the page, you can select who you are planning to save for and start opening an account for them.
  3. New Account Log-in Page. If you are a current account owner and have this page bookmarked, you will need to update that bookmark. You’ll still be able to access your Direct, Advisor, or Guaranteed plan, while having access to important updates and resources from Ohio’s 529 Plan. Your log-in experience will remain the same when you’re ready to access your account.

These changes are the first round of updates we will be implementing on in 2020 to enhance and streamline our website while improving your experience and access to the information and resources you’re looking for.

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