A CollegeAdvantage 529 Account Fits Families Like Yours

Thinking about saving for college? It's never too late to sign up for a 529 account. From parents opening an account to grandparents setting up savings as a gift, a CollegeAdvantage 529 account is the smart way to start planning for tomorrow—while seeing benefits today.

It's never too early or too late to sign up

Save for your new bundle of joy

You can even get a head start by opening an account in your own name and transferring it once your baby is born and has a Social Security number.

In national surveys, the birth of a child is the number one reason for opening an account.

Start saving when they start kindergarten

The end of daycare and preschool tends to free up money for other things. Many parents use those funds to get their 529 savings account growing.

529 accounts offer tax-free growth and withdrawals, plus State of Ohio tax deductions.

Save whenever you can; it's never too late

Consider transferring other savings into a CollegeAdvantage 529 account to take advantage of the tax benefits a traditional savings account can't offer.

Ugift® makes it easy for anyone to contribute, which is perfect for ​birthday and holiday gifts.

What about grandparents, family, and friends?

Sure, it’s fun to see little kids tear open a package, even if they like the paper or box more than the gift. But if you really want to have an impact on their lives, consider the gift of college savings. Whether you want to give $25 or $250 or even more, it’s easy to start, easy to gift.

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