Ohio's 529 Plan: Balanced Investment Option (Stocks And Bonds)

An Option With Balanced Exposure To Both Equities And Fixed-Income Securities

If you are interested in an investment plan that combines active management with balanced exposure to both equities (stocks) and fixed-income securities (bonds), this choice under Ohio’s 529 Plan may be appropriate for you.

Balanced Option Investment Objectives Asset Category Underlying Investments Investment Style/ Characteristics
Vanguard Wellington Option Show Details Seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation and moderate current income Value common stocks and fixed-income securities Vanguard Wellington Fund Invests mainly in undervalued large companies with prospects for improvement Show Details

Vanguard Wellington Option – Investment Strategy

The Vanguard Wellington Option invests 100% of its assets in the Vanguard Wellington Fund. The fund invests 60% to 70% of its assets in common stocks of established large companies that each pay dividends and (to a lesser extent) are non-dividend-paying. In choosing these companies, the advisor seeks those that appear to be undervalued but have prospects for improvement. These stocks are commonly referred to as value stocks. The remaining 30% to 40% of the fund's assets are invested mainly in fixed-income securities that the advisor believes will generate a moderate level of current income. These securities include investment-grade corporate bonds, with some exposure to U.S. Treasury and government agency bonds and mortgage-backed securities. The Vanguard Wellington Option is actively managed.

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