The Plan That Can Turn Your Tax Refunds Into Most Of College Tuition.
In 17 years, tuition and fees might cost $115k.

We plugged the average federal tax refund for Ohioans - $2,539 - into our College Savings Planner for 17 years. Then we compared the same money saved in an everyday, taxable bank* account. Remember, this is only a projection and your results could be lower or higher, much like the mutual funds in your 401(k) Plan.

*Saving $2,539/yr for 17 years; bank projection calculated using at national avg interest rate of .09%; 529 Plan projection calculated using the College Savings Planner; actual results could be lower or higher.

What if I only have 17 months to save?

Ohio's 529 Plan offers a tax-free FDIC-insured savings account and CDs from Fifth Third Bank. Some people save exclusively in these. Some move money into these as college nears or while their student is in college. And some use them for K-12 private school tuition. The choice is always yours.

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Use Ohio's 529 Plan at whatever school comes after high school.

Traditional four year colleges. Community colleges. Trade and specialty schools. Certificate programs. Apprenticeships. Graduate schools. While there are many paths forward for your kids, one thing is certain: Ohio's tax-free 529 Plan is the simple way to be ready to help. Your savings grow tax-free and stay tax-free when used for qualified higher education expenses. And Ohio's 529 Plan can be used at thousands of schools, nationwide.

How much to save?

Here's a good go-by for various types of programs covering all of in-state tuition and fees. Assumptions: 13 years to save, trend of higher education cost increases continues, investment growth of 6% per year. Results are not guaranteed and could be higher or lower.

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