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Estimate The Cost & Growth Of Your College Savings Plan

Need proof before enrolling in a plan? Use Ohio’s 529 Plan calculators and tools to see the advantages of setting goals and saving for college. You can calculate your estimated college costs based on your child's age, your initial deposit, your monthly or yearly contributions, and a few other factors. They’ll all help you build a savings plan that's right for you.

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College Savings Planner

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Estimate the cost of your child's college education based on your choices, then set savings goals for how much you want to pay toward the total expense.

Calculate Your Savings

Cost Of Waiting Tool

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It makes a difference to start saving with Ohio’s 529 Plan early versus borrowing with student loans later.

See The Cost Of Waiting

Tax Benefit Tool

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Thinking about a taxable savings account? Explore the tax advantages of Ohio's 529 Plan from CollegeAdvantage – it's tax free as you save and pay for college!

Compare Tax Benefits

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

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How comfortable are you with the risks and rewards of investing? Compare approaches to growing the value of your college savings account.

Find Your Risk Tolerance

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