Ready-Made, Age-Based Portfolios

Explore This College Savings Plan That Adjusts As Your Child Ages

If you want a ready-made diversified investment portfolio that automatically reduces risk as your child gets closer to college age, then you might be interested in the Ready-Made, Age-Based Portfolios. Choose the Advantage Age-Based Portfolio, or choose one of the three Vanguard portfolios based on your risk tolerance:

Each portfolio will automatically shift to a different predetermined portfolio as your child moves through the established age bands.

Advantage Age-Based Portfolio

The Advantaged Age-Based Portfolio is designed especially for CollegeAdvantage investors. It's invested in carefully selected portfolios including equity (stock) and fixed-income (bond) options; it provides a blend of passive and active fund management from multiple fund managers. The asset allocation of each underlying portfolio is actively managed by CollegeAdvantage.

Actively managed funds seek to outperform the market through the buying and selling strategies of the professional investment managers. Passively managed funds are included to add diversification and help lower fees.

To view underlying asset allocation within each portfolio, please move your cursor over each graphic.

Asset Allocation of the Advantage Age-Based Portfolio

The asset allocation mix illustrated above is the target mix as of May 17, 2018, of the Advantage Age-Based Portfolio. The asset allocation of each underlying Portfolio will be actively managed by CollegeAdvantage, and CollegeAdvantage may adjust the weighting in the investment options within each portfolio, or change the investment option mix within the respective portfolios within a predetermined range.

As such, the target asset allocation mix, as well as the weightings of the underlying investment options, are expected to change over time. The option will be actively monitored to ensure the appropriateness of each investment option.

See Asset Allocation and Weightings of Underlying Investments

Vanguard Ready-Made Age-Based Portfolios

Choose from three passively managed, index-based investment portfolios from Vanguard. Pick the aggressive, moderate, or conservative portfolio based on your tolerance for risk. The assets in the portfolio will automatically shift from more aggressive growth options to lower-risk options as your child passes through the age bands and gets closer to college age.

The Vanguard age-based portfolios are invested in passively managed index-based options, meaning they seek to match market performance, but generally cost less than actively managed options.

Each of the age-based portfolios is built with the same nine portfolios, as in the Ready-Made, Risk-Based Portfolios. However, the Ready-Made, Age-Based Portfolios are easier to self-manage because they automatically shift from higher to lower risk over time.

To view underlying asset allocation within each portfolio, please move your cursor over each graphic.

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